Cover maker needed

I need a person to help me make both the large and small cover foe a story that I am writing called Out of Bound.
The story is about Kristel and Emilio, Kristel is a rich girl who’s family is one of the riches family in the country, While Emilio is a rich Businessman who is also the son of a gang leader. But both of them want changes in there life


Also changes can be made for the poses :slight_smile: :two_hearts:

Are those the poses you want? If so I can help

Yup, thank you

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Ok you’re welcome and I’ll get it to you asap maybe later today or tomorrow


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Hey could u give me da deets skin color, hair,(and the like) clothing, etc i’ll be glad to help

Can you send me the background?

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Thx :blue_heart: I’ll get to you asap I’m about to sleep

You could do it tomorrow I don’t mind, I still have quite a bit to write anyways

Okay that works thanks :blue_heart:

The character deets pls I need those @Jessica.C

skin: Neutral 02
brow: round medium (chestnut brown)
hair: over shoulder braid (Medium brown)
eyes: Deepest Downturned (blue green)
face: heart defined
nose: round button upturned
Lips: small heart (rose)

skin: gold 02
brow: Straight medium (deep brown)
hair: Medium Taper Wavy (Brunette brown)
eyes: Deepest downturned (Brown dark)
face: Male Generic
nose: Round wide
lips: Medium Straight (beige gold matte)

Here I couldn’t download your background cause it said there was a virus so I used a different background. Hope you like it.



Did you find the background off Google?

Thank you

No problem

No, do you use ibis

Not for my covers