Cover Makers | PROCREATE

Does anybody use ProCreate here? If so, I need a cover (INK). I may be able to pay you a small sum if you really need.

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Hello.i think @EllasStorys have used procreate.She’s a commissioned artist and has absolutely beautiful work.

However, If procreate isn’t really neccessary then I can also draw your cover for you if it meets my rules but I do not use procreate.

My sample work and more info

Open for commissions
Prices can be negotiable to an extent


Like mystery said I do use procreate and I’m a commissioned artist! I’ll post some pics and you can just pm me if you’re interested.


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Hey if u are still in need of a cover, I’ll do that for you. Also it’s FREE…you can just credit me if u want to.

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are you still making covers?

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