Cover need for my new awesome story (splashes also needed)


So since on my last thread I didn’t know who was doing it so I’ll do it again please send examples of your covers because I am in need of 2


@ChayChay @meadowh


I closed my thread and made a new one for ONLY character edits and PFPs sorry! :see_no_evil::two_hearts:


I can help!


Here are some of my examples.


:0 you can do it :slight_smile:


Ok send me your details!


Title: Behind the door

Maybe an open door and the girl in suspenders sees them bringing the door and the angel, princess and queen are standing there if you can do it


Yes I can!


Yay thanks :slight_smile:


And the details for your splashes?


Tap slowly splash



I’m sorry about the long wait don’t forget to credit me cover by Artemis and tell me if you need any changes.


Thanks so much :slight_smile:


No problem!