Cover needed! <33


I am currently working on a new story called “Royalties” an I am in desperate need of a cover for it!

It’s basically about: 2 Royal princesses looking for freedom an a opportunity to prove themselves without camera’s on them 24/7 so they go undercover as normal girls in highschool an try an Fit into new lives

Cover details: If it could be free that would be amazing!!

I will give more details if you’re interested in doing it!

PM me if you would like to do it

Love you all!!

Drawn or edited?
What style?
When do you need it by?

Drawn or edited it don’t matter :sweat_smile:

Style: LL

Need it by: 3 weeks will be the deadline if needed I can move it to 4

Check a shop. For future reference, creating a thread looking for a cover does little to nothing in your search. Looking in shops will get you farther and saves a lot of time.

Alright thanks for the Advice Babes :grin:

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@Sydney_H Please close this topic it has so use anymore!!

I have found everything i need thanks so much!

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Hi if you still need your cover done i can do it but i will need some deets

Yes, I am still in need of one PM me for details

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: