Cover needed [Cancelled]

Hello! I need a cover for a story I am writing called The One. I made a sketch of what I want it to look like.

I want all of these characters to be drawn and the dead line is March 1st.
Also background information for the cover if you need it:

Background info, if needed.

The whiteish(named Platinum Ice on the portal) haired Male and Female on the top left, are Frosts(Individuals with Ice powers), if you could add in an ice(icy) background that would great!

Next the individuals next to them, wearing black, middle left, are what you call Valkyries(Their name means “Choosers of the Slain,” and they show up at battles to decide who will die.) I can give you the overlay behind them. If you could add a dark background(if possible a black one with castles or something similar).

Next is the Angels, middle right, you already know what they are. :blush: If you could add a angelic background then that would be awesome!

Almost done!

Far right. These are Demons, I am guessing you know what these are. If you could give them a red background that would be awesome!

Lastly, we have our MCs on the bottom, bottom left is Christian, would is a half-frost, half-vampire. Christina is exactly the same as Christian. Because we are allowing readers to pick a male or female MC.

Another chart I am filling out in case you need it!
Title ~ The One
Author name ~ Elise, Danielle, and Elizabeth
Large or small or both cover ~ Small cover
Pose~ In the picture
Background~ Specified above
Drawn or edited ~ Drawn

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thats a lot of charaters

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awww ! Thank you so much, lovely :slight_smile:


I know :sweat: That’s why I gave a long deadline.

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I am part of Art Angels! :rofl:


@Natasha.Brown1 @MayLaugh Epimaniacs’s cover request form is closed. But thank you for your help!

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It’s fine. I really just need this cover. And I know if throws of some artists because they are a lot of characters. So…know anyone else that can help me? :sweat:

@Nick or @Sydney_H please close this thread

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Closed:. Requested by op :v: