Cover needed (Edit/Art) (Closed)

Hey, so I have a small story and I need a good cover. :sweat_smile:
I was trying to do one myself, but I just kept failing, so I was thinking if anyone would want to make a cover for my story. I would give credit of course. :blush:
It’s a drama story about a singer and his/her manager. I don’t have any expectations for the cover, but I would want the characters on the cover to look like the Mc and Li. :slight_smile:
If anyone is interested, just dm me on Instagram: xblue_epi :laughing:


Are you looking for individual artists or an art shop?
And what style- Realistic, semi-realistic, or one that’s sort of cartoon-ish?
Realistic often costs money

If you want I can suggest some good art shops (:


I guess for both :sweat_smile: It can be an art shop but I am also ok with an individual artist.
To be honest I am ok with everything. :laughing:
That would be nice (:

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The Vintage Art Shop, I’ve sent a pfp request here and I loved it! (:

And here are a few others that are currently active:

Lovers Or Art Shop doesn’t have any cover examples yet, but they might soon, it just depends


Wow thanks :blush: :heart:

No problem! Good luck on your story :grinning:

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You can have a look at my examples, then request if you like :point_down:

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