Cover needed! EMERGENCY!


I need a cover art for my story “The End Is Nigh.” If you want to help me, tell me here and I will DM the details. First person to reply to my S.O.S. will get to make it.


I can try! As long as it’s not dawn art


What does that mean?


Ohh, you meant drawn art, didn’t you?


yes. Sorry. Typo’s


i don’t blame you


Did you still need it?


Yes, it would be appreciated.


Do u need backgrounds and overlays or


Actually, I do. If anyone could make a space background that is three pannels long, that would be appreciated.


Yeah sure I can PM you my examples




I may also need an overlay of the gun prop


Ok Can I give you the link where to request


I can do it :grin:


Can I give you the link where to request overlays and backgrounds




I can do the backgrounds if you want


If someone else isn’t doing it I can but I’ll come back later to see if they have


If she/he accepts you can try the overlays if wanted