Cover Needed For Brand New Story!

Title: Hated By My Sister
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Character 1:
Female Athletic Body (Neutral 01)
Arched Thin (Light Brown)
Double Bun Half Down Hair (Light Brown)
Female Generic (Blue Green)
Defined Neutral
Full Heart Pouty (Red Gloss)

Outfit -
Freckles Heavy (00-03)
Mid Heel Flats Leather Grey White
Button Up Denim Dress T Shirt Denim Blue Oxford

Character 2:
Female Generic Body (Copper 00)
Arched Neutral (Strawberry Blonde)
Long Feathered Bangs Blunt (Strawberry Blonde)
Round Downturned Wide (Green Emerald)
Heart Soft
Round Flared Upturned
Full Heart Pouty (Blood Orange Gloss)

Outfit -
Flared Jumpsuit Polyester Complex Color
Mid Heel Flats Leather Complex Color


emoji draw

Character 1 is sad and character 2 is mad

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I can try it, the only thing that I may struggle on is the hair. I’ll let you know how the hair goes (:

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