Cover needed for my story <3 (ai or not)

hey so im looking for a vampire-ish dark vibe type of cover something like this. (the art can be ai made, but i prefer this style! :arrow_down:)

theme example/art style

pose reference

something like this but the girls left eye is red and the other is light brown and the boys eyes are also red (both his eyes are red not js one of them.) and in the girls hand theres like a magic ball (purple)


character details

male :
body: Male Athletic Body
skin color: neutral 02
eyebrow: straight medium scar . color: black dark
hair: side part wavy tousled . color: black dark
eyes: narrow almond deep smiling . color: brown pale
face shape: chiseled angular
nose: straight pointed
lips: medium heart . color: rose light nude gloss

extras: earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.

body: female athletic body
skin color: neutral 02
eyebrows: arched natural scar . color: black dark
hair: long straight loose solid . color: ash blonde
eyes: heavy lid upturned falsies . color: brown light
face shape: diamond
nose: round button
lips: full round pounty . color: rose deep gloss
extras: nose piercing, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

if you have any questions or suggestions pm me here or dm me on **@lisa.writesz ** in instagram! <33

You can try looking for drawn shops or someone who does AI art on the forum. Yet the style u prefer is not free so shops would be a good alternative

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Hello, I’m a professional digital artist and I currently have slots available for commissions.
You can find my art here :
Feel free to message me if interested so we can discuss your project.
Have a nice day :smiling_face:

is it for free bc it said commisioned and im currently looking for free ones

Art is my job so no, it’s not free. :smiling_face:

@KikiMoon does some free covers so u can try contacting her

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The only thing is that till that exact style I have a loooong way ahead :sweat_smile:

She can try Midjourney and make an AI one by herself.

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