Cover needed for my story!

Hi, so I was wondering if anyone is able to do a cover for free? It would really mean the world to me if anyone could help atm! :))


Ink or Limelight?

I have an art shop, you can request & look at my examples!!


how long is your waiting list? your covers are sooo good.

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Right now, none!

so how do I request lol :))

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Depends on what you want but just respond to that forum, you can find some forms, if u fill that in with the info, I can start!!

ok perfect! and what do you mean by forms?

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Theres a title named “forms” and then click covers, fill that in

oh ok thank you!

Drawn or edited

which do you prefer?

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okay! what information do you need?

Hey, if you still need a cover, i can do that.
IF you prefer a drawn cover I’m the girl for you.
Contact me if you are interested

still interested lol? :relaxed: