Cover needed for my upcoming story!

Hi I’m looking for someone who is willing to make a cover for my upcoming story ‘‘Thirsty for blood’’
I really tried to make one on my own but it’s harder than I thought xD
Send me a DM on insta: @xepi.lisa and will give you the details etc.

Thank you for reading,
x Lisa

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I can help! I have three styles, would you like to see examples?

Sure :slight_smile:

This is style one (not just for limelight btw.)

This is style two.

And this is style 3.

Style three is fine though! :wink:

Okay, I’ll DM you on Instagram and let you know the details and you can let me know the details.

Okay thank you <3

There’s lots of lisa.episode uh could you dm me? @cakepie.episode

haha ooh yeah I will!

I could help you make a cover. @lisa.episode

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Already found someone, sorry.

But thank you for offering x

Okay. @lisa.episode