Cover needed for new mystery story!

I’m going to be entering the clue contest so I’m in need of a cover for my new story!!

I would love to I am an artist! I would just need photos of the characters and the story line and i’ll have it done for you in a day!

Perfect! As soon as I get home from work I’ll message you! Thank you!

I can make one if you still need it. :slight_smile:

I would like this to be the background and then have a girl face the casket so we just see her back. Also I’d like it to be all black and white. The name of the story is “The Invitation”
If you need anymore info just let me know!

Can you make the character design and send me the features? :slight_smile:

body: neutral 04
brow: arched natural scar
hair: long side shave- warm white
eyes: deepset downturned- blue green
face: diamond defined contour
nose: defined natural
lips: full round pouty- nose medium nude gloss

with this outfit