**Cover Needed for Queer Writing Contest**


I am entering the Queer writing contest and I need someone to make my cover for me. I would prefer the cover to be digital art, but if you can do episode edits, I am open to that as well. If possible, a png of the title will need to be made as well.

My story is titled “Queer: Bake my Heart” and is going to be about an asexual, panromantic young women who owns and works at her grandmother’s bakery. She meets a gender-fluid bookstore owner/writer and they gradually become friends and fall in love.

If you are interested in making a cover for this story, please reply or DM me!

Lots of love,
IG: @writtenbyace


Hey! Come to our art shop! I have no requests right now So :joy: bored Af
^Minimayday’s Art shop {OPEN}^

I only do commissions… but I saw that your story’s about an ace panromantic… that’s what I am! So I’d love to be able to help!

Here’s the link to my shop if you’re interested:

She’s talking about queer, not LDR.

I’m aware, as why I said “if needed”. I was just trying to let you know if there is the same concern for this other contest.