Cover Needed For Story! :D

Hey I need a limelight romantic-ish cover for my story! it can be edited or drawn whichever your prefer or whatever on eis easier for you.


Hey! I think I might be able to give it a try…!

great tysm! what details do you need?

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If she doesn’t reply I’ll be happy to do it :grin:

Hey! Actually I was willing to do it but I’ve a no. of pending requests atm so I think u should go ahead and ask @/minimayday :blush:

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Thanks :pray:

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do you do backgrounds?

Well, if you’re still looking for a cover artist, here are some examples of our work:


Check out our art shop for more information.

Ahhh they’re so much better than mine :joy:

Actually, my friend Pam drew all of these. She does all of the art stuff, but I’m sure your art is really good too!

If she was here, she’d be really flustered and say thank you. Bahaha

Your friend Pam can go ahead and take the job if she wants it! I don’t have to much free time anyway!!

I could help, dm me the details if you’re still looking for someone :blush:

can someone help me get a cover I’m in desperate need

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I can help. I can only do edited covers though not Art. My examples are here:

If you want an edited cover just request in my shop.