Cover Needed - I need help with my cover

Cover Needed

I’m desperate in need with cover, or someone could do it for me would be appericated!
Although, I’m a bit fussed with specific art - I know it’s hard to find an illustrator plus they’re quite pricey. I’m open to suggestions.

I could do it but I take time

I would do it for free if you want:
Here is my thread with @Txlx_star
If you wanna see examples:

Oh really - would it possible for you to do with 3 characters in cover? and how long will it takes?

I can do 3 characters and the time depends on what things are going on in my life

I can do it if you want just send me the details you want

I would do it I’m just backed up on so many requests!! If you don’t mind waiting I will but I understand because there are people available!! I I draw my digital art, not just edit!! Thanks if you consider!!

Can you do Limelight? Can you show me your arts?

Oh awesome, is it possible if you show me your arts would be great? Can you do Limelight?

Oh crap. Sorry I suck at LL!! I’ve attempted a few and they are awful so sorry!

I haven’t done any limelight but I will give it a go

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