Cover needed! I will give credit

I can make my own covers. But I would like to have 1 drawn. Digitally drawn
Please respond and I will send details.

Hi I would like to create one for you

Can you show some examples?

This is an example, after a while I get rid due to lack of room

Do you do drawn ones like this.


Can you show those examples. Sorry I sound like an investigator. :joy:

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I create some more I will get to ASAP

Okay. I’ll send deets now. Do you have a waiting list?

Okay here is the Characters.
I want the girl in that pose but I want her left arm on his shoulder. I want her facing right while doing this.
I want the boy in the same pose and facing right. Also his ponytail should be in a bun.
So she’s laughing while holding him.
I don’t want it edited. I want it completely drawn.
If you cannot do it. Tell me since I will find someone else.


Can you be a little more descriptive because it kinda hard to imagine what exactly want, I am working on the rough draft but I think I need an example

I want it to look like this. But the characters facing to the right not the left.
I don’t care what the background is. Also can you make the art scene background png. So I can use it as a cover and intro.

I could help

Thanks! @Peanut and @SofiaAndLauren but I’ll already found someone.

It’s fine

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H please close this topic.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: