Cover needed please asap!


im writing a new story called “rich & sad” but im not sure what kind of cover it should have. its about a girl whos rich but doesn’t get to live the normal life like every other teen does so she defies her parents rules and “breaks out” which only leads to her parents sending her away to a private school where she meets a boy (and falls in love) who’s not rich and he’s only at that private school on a scholarship… what should i do?


I can help you with a cover! Please send me a pic of your characters in the position and outfit you want them to be in and a screenshot of a background you want for it please! :wink::two_hearts:


@rbepisode can help too! If above doesn’t do it I can. My examples are here. PM me if you want me to do it.


i don’t know what else i want. she’s rich and sad because she doesn’t live a normal life-- do you have any ideas of what is possible to do?


Yep. I think I know what I can do. Do you think you could request this on my art thread? That’s where I log all my requests! Here’s the link—

And can you also send me a picture of your same character in flirt_wink_happy for me as well, please?