Cover Needed Please


Hey! I’m the author of “Caught in the Middle.” I’m in need of a cover for my story! My initial thought was to find something off the internet, but I thought maybe there would be someone creative on here that might be interested in creating me one. I’m needing an image of the main character, Lee. If you’re interested in helping me, I can give you more information. Thanks you!


Please request on my cover thread:

If you want a cover!


Hi, if you’d like, I could help you with that! Just visit this post of mine if you’re interested!

Here are two examples of mine I’m most proud of:

You can visit my upper post to see more examples!


I can help I find you want… you can just send the details here to me… here are some of mine examples


Wow! Those are amazing! Yes, I would love your help! What kind of information are you needing so that I can be as helpful as possible?


If possible a picture of each character you want on the cover doing the pose you would like in the outfit…

Title of story
Author of story


Okay! Give me about 10 min and I will get that to you!


Not a problem. Small and large cover?


Yes, please if possible!


Not a problem at all… it will be about 30 mins are so after I receive the info…
one more thing I wouldn’t like to know is genre of story
And a description so I can pick a background


Sounds great!

Title: Caught in the Middle
Author: McKleet
Genre: Romance
Description: A girl named Lee has relationship and family issues and has her ups and downs dealing with them.


I am working on getting that picture.


chay can i help


Can you give the background



Do you have the full body


If you don’t can you give the character detail


That’s as full as I could possible get. Shoes aren’t really that important anyways.


Oh oaky


what about the boy