Cover Needed! Replay ASAP!

Hola peeps. I need a cover for my story: A Strange Incident
Replay for more information.

Best Regards Dinah

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GO to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

I’ll be more than glad to make you a cover. Just reply on here and we can discuss it. :grin:

Do you still need the cover

No thank you, I’ve already got someone to make it for me. Thank you anyway :point_left: :wink:

Hey. I changed the story, but if you’re still willing to do it, the job is yours. Just give me an answer as soon as possible :wink:

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I’ll do it. :grin:

Cool :grin:
So, I’m now making a history about a girl (the story takes place around 14th century BC) and she and her friend are living in the Caribbean. So this is a comedy-ish story, it actually started as a joke with my friend. But we decided to finish it so, don’t let the foolishness scare you :grin:
But this girl and her friends comes over a pirate ship while they’re swimming (like I said, a joke). They get kidnapped, but when the main character kisses one of the pirates (named Jack :grin:) he falls in love with her. And after a while, the girl realize she’s in love with him too. So Jack manages to persuade the captain to let her stay. But one day her best friend is nowhere to be find, and the girl realizes she’s dead. So she persuades Jack to move with her back home to Caribbean. This is basically the story line (lots of other stuff happens, but I don’t want this to be on the cover cuz it could spoil the story)
If you’d want to make this cover I’d be really happy. The character style is Limelight, and the title on the story is A Strange Incident. You can basically choose poses and stuff yourself, I just want it to me comic. And the backround should have something to do with sea and pirate ships. Please update me when you’re doing progress :wink:

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Here’s a link to my thread, just copy and paste your request there and it’ll help me keep track and it will make it easier for me to complete your request.

One more tiny thing please keep in mind that I got heaped up with orders this morning! I didn’t think that I’ll get like 5 orders this morning lol so you gotta be a bit patient k? :grin:

Sure :sunny: Take your time. :wink:

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