Cover needed: Right here, Right now!

Hey people!

It’s me again- yes, I know - Forever Reader!
So, I need a cover for my story “NOT ANOTHER LOVE STORY.” It has not yet been published, and I need a cover to put on it, because what’s a story without a cover? :joy: JK!
Anyway, if you know anyone who does covers or you do them yourself, please do NOT hesitate to PM me!

The Story: The link to see what it’s about:

This is the link to my story “Not Another Love Story.”
Check it out!
PS: Feel free to tell me your opinions.


*Shoutouts for you and your story.
*Promoting your Insta
*Special access to my new stories.



Check this out for an art shop that suits you

My art shop is this first one if you request it on there I’ll start it right away

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I can do it right away!

Info I need to know:
Edited or Drawn?
Ink or LL?

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Can you also do special art scenes?

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Can I request for one?
It’s limelight and drawn please.
Also could you make it look like the guy is about to kiss the girl?
Here’s how the character looks
I doesn’t really matter what the outfit is, but just in case, it’s there.


Gender : Female
Body : Neutral 03
Brow : Arched thin / Black Dark
Hair/Color : Straight Medium / Black Dark
Eyes/Color : Female Generic / Brown Black
Face : Heart defined
Nose : defined natural
Lips/Color : Full Round Pouty / Plum Gloss
Outfit :
Crop Tank Undershirt Silk Layered White Ivory, Open Hoodie White Pull Hood Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Grey Black, Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine, Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black


Gender : Male
Body : Neutral 03
Brow : Straight Medium / Deep Brown
Hair/Color : Slicked Back Solid / Black Dark
Eyes/Color : Deepest Downturned / Brown Dark
Face : Male Generic
Nose : Grecian Narrow
Lips/Color : Medium Straight Natural / Beige Rose
Outfit :
Hoodie Two Tone Vest Cotton Red True, Checkered Slip on Shoes Cotton Grey Black, Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford

Also no rush, if you don’t want to do it, I completely understand.
If you do i will of course credit you in every episode and if you have an instagram user name I will also put that in as well.
Please let me know if you can!
Thank you!

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I can! Just send me a picture of your characters, pose and background. Through a PM so it isn’t annoying and rude to the original thread maker!

Hey i can do one for you if you want :joy::blush::smirk:

Hey your art is so beautiful :star_struck::star_struck::heart:

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