Cover needed-urgent

Hello! I am entering this new contest Magicka, and i really need a cover.I need it really quick because i am a student and don`t have time often on episode.Please help anyone.
Thank you very much and once you see this please reply back


EPILAIR ART SHOP is the place to ask. They got really good artists that are very efficient.
@fraud please help her out.
I wasn’t able to copy the link on here


Thanks for the tag and for the compliments :yay:

Here’s the link to our shop. Feel free to request :relaxed:

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can help go here:

Genera-Fantasy ,limelight
Name- Return of the Brave
Yes i want my title on it (Princess_Dianna)
I want my cover to be of a princess dressed in ancient clothing holding a sword.Background will be of a castle.The girls pose will be like this:
dressed like this:
Also title will be written in red
YOu can contact me on my instagram- @dianna_fawn_

Also this cover is not for magicka. please note that