Cover Needed ‼️


I Needed Someone To Make Me A Fover Like This But With Limelight Characters

First Of All I Need This One First

I Also Need Small Covers The Small Covers Just Needs The Characters And A Scary Background

So I Need Both Of These Covers So That’s A Total Of 4 Covers

2 Small Covers
2 Large Covers


Hi I could make the cover
But if I wont be able I recommend @Teahwalker and @MadisonW
There are astounding artist


If they cant Episode harmony can


@Episode.Harmony is really good!


Omg thank you so much and your amazing


No problem!


Thanks for tagging us @Chesirekitten101 would you like to see examples?


So Who Is Gonna Do It ??


I’m About To Post The Character Details In A Minute But I Need To Know Who Is Going To Do It Though


I can try if you want…(Ignore me if not needed)




I oculd give exampels to but if its madison ok


Go Ahead Limelight Examples Please