Cover or character edits *OPEN*(1:00pm-10:00pm)


I do episode edits
All I need is credit for (or don’t ur is for you) the art I do.
Tell me what skin tone, pose, and background it will take me some time because I have a life to. sometimes I do overlays for Ink , limelight sometimes I do classic just request what type I take 10 at a time

Thanks for stopping by

please do not use my work as yours, if your using a cover and going to publish it just tag my user name on episode (episoderose)


Do you have any examples? :smile:






Would you like any edits


Her hair is so cool. :wink:


No thank you, not at the moment because I’ve already asked somewhere else for an edit. :slight_smile:


Ok no problem, thanks for the compliment


Can I get a edit


No problem. :blush:


Yes, what type cover or just edit




Ok, I need a background and the pic of the character(s) and pose



How long will it take


Uh about 20 or 30 minutes or shorter, do you have a background


The white is the background cause I gonna cut out the white


Ok then it will be done in a few minutes