Cover + other art for my stories

Hi! I am currently writing two new stories, and while I have cover art for them, for the time being, it’s honestly not that great. I know how to use photoshop and such well enough to make something super basic, but I’m not artistic in any sense lol.

Currently, I am looking for:

  • Cover Art for both of my stories
  • An outro art piece for both of my stories
  • An intro art piece for both of my stories

Right now I’m mostly just concerned about covers, but any/all of these would be welcome!
I would feature you as a character in my story, and credit you for the artwork of course!
Thank you, and please DM me if you’re interested in this so that I can send you details!

Also if possible, send examples of previous artwork!


What style is your story in? :purple_heart:

Both are in Limelight!

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I’m not the greatest at Limelight :sweat_smile: I’ve only tried a cover for it once. If you want me to help I can.

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I have 3 years of graphic design classes under my belt, but I’ve never made a cover before.

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Ooh it was not meant in any Way to be annoying i just wanted help too and thought we all could help eachother and benefit of This thread. It was not in any Way meant to come of AS rude or anything like that😊

What is the theme of the covers :thinking::heart:

Please check this out

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