Cover Page and Title Help

Hi there! So I need tips or advice on how do authors/creators create their cover pages? What I meant was how do they make the title of their cover page fade in or do other animated effects? I want to learn how to do that myself


You can use the cover as background and the text or title as overlay
So that overlay can be animated to move, fade in or out etc

Now you can move overlays around! For any given overlay, you can change any or all of the following:

Position (move it around screen)
Scale (change the size of it)
Opacity (make it see through)
Rotation (spin it around)

Furthermore, you can do the above…

In any combination (e.g., move something while making it bigger)
In any time duration (move something fast or slow)
With a number of ‘easing functions’ (e.g. “linear”, “easein” and others… )

@overlay CAR BUG REAR create

@overlay CAR BUG REAR shifts to 140 240

@overlay CAR BUG REAR scales to 0.7 0.7

@overlay CAR BUG REAR opacity 1

Alternatively, I could have added the overlay when I set my background:


You can check out this page for examples and preview

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Thank you so much for the help! So with the title that would mean customizing it as your own overlay, correct?

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Thanks again!!