Cover photo requesting help?

Hey I need help with a both large cover and small cover request for my story if someone can help that will be great ty!!! :pleading_face::blush: I need an artist to help make both large cover and small cover for my new story!


I can do you edited ones, would that be alright? :blush:

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That’ll be great!

Great are your characters Limelight/Ink?


Have you got character cards with the details for your characters?
If not, I can make you some too!

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Not yet I do not have character cards yet

I can screenshot it to you and send it to you when I get back?!?!

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I will need =

  • the outfit(s) you would like your cover character(s) to wear (If you haven’t picked any, I can make them if you have a theme/title for your cover!)
  • the typed details for your character(s)
  • If you look on the Art Catalogue’s Animations, pick your poses. I can merge the head of one and the body/legs of another if needed
  • background (off of the Episode Catalogue) for the covers

I will edit this message if I need anything else…

Please tell me if you are requesting this exact order from other creators since it will just be a waste of my time if you don’t end up using my work :blush:

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I can’t take this request if you are requesting it elsewhere! I need to know if someone else is also working on this request please.

I know you have been requesting it elsewhere because I got a notification from Ao.writes’s group since it is on my tracking list whilst I wait for a request to be completed!

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