Cover photos for stories


does someone can make me a cover photo for my story teachers son


My team can


Can you give me your character details?


Yep. I can. Would you like to see some of my examples? (I have three different styles.)


Lucy has diamond face olive skin tone, perky nose, diva curls in fawn color, round bold blue eyes, smooth arch brows full round mouth and she wears pink beach day cutoff shirt white waisted pants and pink bow fur booties, And Andrew wears something sporty whatevs, and if you can put Celest on the cover photo too I will attach some photos.


I need the details for Andrew and Celest
I need the title and author
I need the background
Sorry for the questions I just need to make sure of what you want


Okay you make Andrew and Celest like those pictures I send you background should be school the title is, Teacher’s Son, and the author is LenaKovic




Looking forward for the photo, thanks