Cover pleaseeeee

I am working on a H&V story and I am desperately needing a small cover. I would prefer if you could make it in anime style but it’s okay if you can’t! I was thinking about a girl with charcoal colored and loose hair, and light blue eyes. I also want her to hold a bow and arrow that look magical. You can use your imagination with the bow and arrow! Can anyone help me with this? :relaxed: :heart:

Hello, I can try! It won’t be animated tho, bc I am not that good. But I can make a small cover for you, what’s the story called?

Thank you!!! It’s called Robin hood. Do you need the character details?

Yes, please if you can!

Sorry, what background would you like and is it LL or Ink ?

Of course, her it is!
Hair: Beach wave hair (Charcoal)
Face: Soft heart
Eyebrows: Defined natural
Eyes: Upturned bold (blue)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Classic (bordeaux)
Skin tone: Olive
It’s INK style and as for the background, I was thinking about a forest!

Okay, I’ll probably get it done today, uh can we go to the message i sent you, i need your email to send it to you. I just don’t want you to expose ur privacy.

Okay thank you!

For it being magical, would you like her to have wings, a fairy dress, and white shoes, (for the fairy dress the colors are white, green, purple or blue, which would you like?)

or make her look like a robin hood?

Could you maybe make her wear this?:

Leather Lace Boots (Black)

Goth Girl Skirt

Gold Pendant Necklace

Steam Punk Corset

Plain Sheer Leggings

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Sure, i made her look like this, and don’t worry she’ll look perfecto!


I’m almost done! But what’s your author name?

It’s jasmin20004. I can’t wait!

Oh oops, I mean jasmin2004

okay! I’ll send it to you in 5

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