Cover Pop Shop! {OPEN}

Whisper Hey… Hey… I got some stuff. What do you need? Episode small cover? Episode big cover? How about a Wattpad cover? I got’em. I’m willing to provide… Come, come, step into my shop, it’ll fineee! :grin:

*Hi! Z. White here and at your service! :tada:

I’ve been on Episode for a long time, but I never really been involved in the creation/community process… until now!

I’m beginning a story called Descendants of Witches.

So I do hope you check it out once I release it!

Now, on to what you actually came here for COVERS!

Please fill out this form in order for me to process your request! Depending on the amount of request it can take 1-3 days to release a cover to you.

Make sure to reply under this post once you filled out the form~
Link Here:

Oh, you didn’t click yet? Hesitant huh? Need a taste? There are tons of flavors to choose from! :yum:



Bubblegum Pop

Musical Pop


High School


Dark Fantasy

And lots more~

Don’t be afraid, try it. :smirk:

Thank you for shopping with us, please do come again!

I would also love it if there are any other cover creators who can help me out in the shop, it’ll make this shop many times more awesome!!!


Hi Z, do you think you could teach me, or something like that, on how to make covers. I’ve tried, but I can’t really figure it out. If not it’s okay, I would like a cover made though.

I would love to show you how to make a cover! How would I do that though?

I guess start off with the what app, web, or whatever you use.

Maybe we should talk through pm

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Hi! Are you still open?

Yes! Did you send a request?

No not yet.