Cover request anyone?

Does anybody take cover requests?

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I’ve linked all the shops I could find, but some don’t have any shops open but are still willing to help.


@SinaoMua Natalia’s Cover Shop
@MalukahEpisode Starlight’s Request Thread
@_Nasia Naisa‘s Outline Thread
@kewpieKewpie’s pfp Thread
@AlexVale1 Alex’s Free Covers/ Edits
@epsd.ama Circe’s Request Thread
@MadisonW Madison W’s Art Shop 2.0
@Itz_Madison Itz Madison’s Art Request Thread
@Raybadem Greek Gods’s Official Request Thread
@Rylie Ryle’s Graphic Shop
@Turtle_Cat Turtle Cat’s Art Thread
@Sophbee Sophbee’s Art Thread
@Queen_K Creating Magic Art Thread


Let me know if you want me to add you to my list of tags!
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Thanks girl!
I do honey!

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Jeese look at that list.

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Thanks!! @Cassandra_Dean

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Okay thanks

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Well I guess just pick from the list lol

I don’t take requests. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry hun, I don’t do requests :slight_smile:

@PerplexedJam and @Mystery.Author oh right haha… I’ll remove u guys, hold on a sec


I do

Click Here

Hi! I would really like to request a cover. My story is called betrayal. It is about these two best friends. And basically the main character (can have any outfit, but can hair be brown?) starts dating her best friends boyfriend (boyfriend can have brown hair too).
Thankyou! A cover with the 3 of them and the words betrayal would be great!

If you can’t do it or don’t read this, I understand! thankyou.

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You wouldn’t request a cover here you have to go to a art thread for that
I currently have one open if you want to request there