COVER REQUEST! (limelight)

Hey Sweethearts , I was wondering if anyone here take request of cover It’s either EDIT or DRAWING !!!
Please if you are interested then dm me on insta:: @saurabhixwrites or you can reply
Limelight -

    BODY TYPE ~ Female Athletic Body
    SKIN COLOR ~ Copper 2
    BROW ~ Arched Natural
    BROW COLOR ~ Black dark
    HAIR ~ Long Double Dutch Braids
    HAIR COLOR ~ Copper Red
    EYES ~ Deepset Almond
    EYES COLOR ~ Hazel
    FACE SHAPE ~ Diamond Defined Contour
    NOSE ~ Defined
    MOUTH ~ Full Round Pouty
    MOUTH COLOR ~ Red Deep Gloss
  2. LIAM (MALE)
    BODY ~ Male Athletic Body
    SKIN COLOR ~Copper 2
    BROW ~Straight Medium Scar
    HAIR ~ Messy Undercut
    HAIR COLOR ~ Black Dark
    EYES ~ Narrow Almond Deep Smiling
    EYES COLOR ~ Ice Blue
    FACE SHAPE ~Square Sculpted
    NOSE ~ Straight Pointed
    MOUTH ~ Medium Heart
    MOUTH COLOR ~ Rose Light Nude Matte
    Like this!! (PREFRENCES)




If you are looking for edited/free drawn art, go to an art shop since there is a very low chance anyone will comment below since at least 2 people make one of these style threads every day.

There is a list of art shops on a thread by @M_H_C_Episode and I got my cover from @Star_Hunter in the Happily Ever After Art Shop, which I can tag if you want.

Why not??

This is it:

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Both , What you are comfortable at!!

But she is not hiring

I thought you were requesting a cover, not looking to be hired by a shop? (:

Hiring & Requesting are two different things (:

Hiring = You take requests from others and complete them
Requesting = You request from someone for them to do something for you. You send them all the details then they’ll ask any questions needed then send you the finished piece(s) when done (:

She’s not hiring new workers/ artists but you can still ask other artists in the shop for art.

No, I am requesting also but some artist are paid so If I get request why not I will take it?

Okay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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you would be able to get a 2 character bust up from them for 3 dollars :woman_shrugging:t5:
their IG is

click me

here is their info so they dont have to keep copying and pasting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for recommending me!!!

And i rewrite it everytime rather than copy and paste💀

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