Cover Request pls!

Hii, can someone please make me a drawed cover for my story?


I have a few questions–
Ink or LL or classic?
Have you written at least three chapters?
Are you sure you are going to continue it?

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I’m working on my third chapter and yes I am sure.

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Also just saying you probably could tell more about that cover. What kinda of pose, how many characters? Do you want it to look like LL style or do you want realistic?

I might be able to help

Character Details


I want Sofia posing rolling eyes and arms crossed. Brad is winking/flirt pose
And as background a city at night time

Okayyy did you think like half a body or the full body?

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full if possible

Hmmm then big or small cover?


And you want both to look the same?

I can probably do them

That really doesn’t matter

Okay well I’ll try to do em if you want. Might take a few days since tomorrow is christmas.