Cover Request Thread (Updated)


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If you want to credit me, credit my Instagram: idontevenlikeink


1. Must fill out the form below, completely
2. Credit whomever, I don’t require it.
3. Be fricking patient! I want my art to be the best for you.

Most Important Rule:

Don’t waste my time. The story MUST be published.

My Examples:

I’m too lazy, but I don’t feel the need to justify my completely free art for you.


Number of Characters
All Character Details
All Character Outfits (I need names of clothing.)
Poses (If it’s not an episode animation, I NEED A POSE REFERENCE
Positing of Characters
Extras: Freckles, beauty marks, piercings, (etc.)

The less amount of characters, the more motivation I get, the faster it gets finished.

Waiting List:


Okay :smiley: thanks for accepting :smiley: so I wanted 3 characters ( I’ll write the details later ), that would be Kowalski (old one) on the left that is laughing (it’s okay if it’s more easier to you to refer to the laugh_chuckle animation in episode) , Rosie (girl) that she is also laughing (animations would be laugh_guffaw when she has her arms around her tummy ) in the middle and Ed (boy) that is doing a facepalm (talk_exhuasted animation to refer on episode) with one hand and in the other he has an ugly bouquet like made of 3 flowers like an sunflower , a rose and a daisy (must be ugly hahah since the art scene is a memory when the guy it’s not capable of doing a bouquet, any flower it’s okay just make it uglier ahahah )

the I will be uploading the backgroud it’s this , can you please make it withe episode size? that are 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall . ( you can position them where you want as long as there is a flower in the background so that it shows we are in a flower shop)

25261113-salesroom-a-flower-shop-with-flower.jpg1300×906 231 KB

here’s their INK features :slight_smile:

Kowalski (old man )

  • Body : Light
  • Brow : Mature grand (color is white)
  • Hair : Buzzed ( color is white )
  • Eyes : Matured hooded (color is brown )
  • Face : Chiseled Oval
  • Nose : Mature Grecian
  • Mouth : Mature medium ( color is blush )

(Outfit in the picture)

kowalski.png1080×527 168 KB

Rosie (girl)

  • Body : Light
  • Brow : Soft Angled
  • Hair : Long feathered ( color is Fawn)
  • Eyes : Round and bold (color is Hickory )
  • Face : Soft Heart
  • Nose : Soft Natural
  • Mouth : Classic ( color is Bubblegum Pink )

(Outfit in the picture)

rosie young.png1063×531 150 KB

Ed (boy)

  • Body : Light
  • Brow : Thick Arch
  • Hair : Long bangs ( color is Chestnut)
  • Eyes : Classic Round (color is Blue)
  • Face : Square Jaw
  • Nose : Button
  • Mouth : Classic ( color is Taupe)

(Outfit in the picture)

youn eddie.png1072×534 137 KB

Okay hope I gave you all the details you need :smiley:

I wanted to credit you both on episode and on instagram , so please leave me your username so I can do it :smiley:

And one thing… I know it’s a lot of work but when will you able to do it 2 weeks ? just that I can know :slight_smile:


Title: Hit or Miss (the genre’s romance/ action so you can make the font something to fit that.)

Author Kaylee Reyes


female 1:
-skin color: toffee
-face: soft heart
-hair: beach wave ; color: black
-brow: defined natural
-eyes: upturned bold ; color: black
-nose: elven
-lips: classic ; color: bubblegum pink

male 1:
-skin color: light
-face: defined triangle
-hair: spiked up hair ; color: fawn
-brow: thin arch
-eyes: deepset piercing ; color: brown
-nose: button
-lips: eneven ; color: blush


the girl would be wearing this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 11.24.15 PM.png1177×506 72.7 KB

and the guy would be wearing this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.57.35 PM.png1200×947 133 KB

to show off his biceps :joy::joy:


they would be back to back like this

F9D9A0C5-AC72-4199-B791-25195CEA696D.jpeg1300×956 100 KB

the girl on her side would be doing this pose with a gun:

7EC504E0-A2FD-470E-850B-F95FEA1F9C9A.jpeg866×1300 116 KB

with a smirk on her face while looking at him and they guy would be holding up a gun. he’d be looking at it with a perplexed look on his face while scratching his head with his other hand


if possible could add piercings? like if you were to make her hair tucked behind her ear could you put these? as well as a nose piercing

176425BA-8C4B-4085-BAE3-5A6BA765F188.png1180×984 563 KB


for the guy i’d like an industrial piercing, a black lobe piercing on the same ear, a septum piercing, and an eyebrow piercing. here’s a reference pic

IMG_2457.JPG351×502 32.9 KB


could you use this background ?

7d78fb17d326b253fcaa0899c724fa9c.jpg1024×576 45.6 KB

i hope i covered everything… thank you so much in advance !!

Because these two so nicely asked:

Slot #1: @Florpetal07
Slot #2: @episodegrace


They’re so cute :heart_eyes:

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Do you just do covers or can I get a pf p?

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I love your SpiderGwen! Do you do pfp or art scenes?

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@moonlight_fanatic @Florpetal07
I used to do pfp requests, but they bore me now. As for art scenes, I’m not sure!


Can I request a cover and an art scene? Or is it like only one at a time?

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Hiii :grin: I love your cover arts you posted :grin:

Can I ask you if you can also do art scene??

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I’d love a cover, but my story isn’t published (I’m a major procrastinator ), but could you possibly make an exception? I’ll definetly use it. If you can’t that’s fine, I understand.


can i request a large cover ? my story isn’t published yet cuz i still need some background to be approved AND i wanted to have a cover ready before i publish it. i can send you the first chapters if you’d like. i’m definitely gonna be using it. btw i love your style of art its amazing.

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I only take them one at a time. Is your story published?

I would love to! Is your story published, and if so, what’s the title?

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Sorry girl!

@Florpetal07 @kreyess1
A slot will be held for the both of you!

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No problem :blush:, I’ll pm you when the stories done. Do I need to send you a screenshot for proof? :thinking:

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okok thank you. i’ll let you know when. is there anyway you could hold a slot for me ? just in case you get a lot of requests all of a sudden. if not thats fine and i’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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@Florpetal07 @kreyess1
So sorry for the inconvenience!

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thank you :heart:

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Yes it is already published :grin: the name is " It Was You" , I’m a small author tho, I published it like a week ago :sweat_smile: I wanted you to make put an art scene that I will use it later in the next episode I think not chapter 6 but in chapter 7 :grin: if you accept it of course :slight_smile:

Here the link :wink:

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My story isn’t published I wanted to know because I’ll be publishing it next week or so and was goin’ to request then. :blush: Letting you know now I will be requesting a cover when that happens.

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