Cover request (URGENT!)

Can some one make a small cover please?
I want this charachter istting in a tree, with Survival of the Fittest in white script on top.
Prefably drawn.

Not what I’m looking for, sorry

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Okay then

You can check ours.
Maybe @Bethany1 can help.

If not hopefully someone can

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If you send a request on our group @Maria.StoryWritter posted ill do it I do have one I am working on but almost done. :blue_heart:

I can do it :slight_smile: without you needing to request on any group :smile:

Ok thanks

When can you get it done by?

Uhhhh tonight? Depends on how long what you ask takes

It seemed pretty simple in your post, I don’t think it’ll take long

Thanks! Sorry if my spelling is super messed up, I’m really tired. Here’s the character I want on the cover (She’s in the right pose)

Alright, do you have a specific background?

Just any forest, maybe like she’s sitting in a tree
Like this:

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Do you want me to add or change anything? Perhaps your author name? Or maybe the font?

I assumed you wanted it ASAP so I didn’t draw it. Hope that’s okay.

It’s perfect.

If you have time then it would be great. But at least I have a cover to work with.

Not really, but I’m glad I helped :slight_smile:

How should I credit you?