Cover Request ❤️

I was just wondering if anyone is able to do my story’s cover, you can just tell me here if you can. Also if you know any good art shops/artists (yours or someone else’s) please could you just let me know so I could check it out! Ps if you want to do my cover could you just let me know first before doing it so others don’t do it before you.
Hamnah :heart:


I can do it, if you want.

If you want some examples of my edits first you can check my shop out.


Art & Edit Shop (For free)

Can u create a cover for me plzz

In my shop you can find a list with all the details I need (Category: Covers --> Description Example)

Please give me the details via my shop or PM (Because this isn’t my topic)

I was jus in ur shop, ur work looks amazing

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Am i suppose to sen u their pics

Could you please do this at her art shop if that’s ok :blush:

I new can u direct me to her shop plz

she put a link at the top of the thread x


I could do this today! Search for Alexi’s Art Apple Shop :heavy_heart_exclamation: