Cover Request 🥺

Hey! I’m literally tried of looking in art shops and I need 2 large cover in both ink & ll
idc if its edited or drawn but its 5 characters :point_right: :point_left:
so if you can do it HMU it literally so tried of looking :weary:

I also need 1 tempory small cover in ink :eyes:
also 5 characters :weary:

Im broke so I can’t pay for commisions

I don’t mind helping out! I do edited and you can see my examples here:

Lin’s Custom Poses, Covers, Background/Overlay Edits [FREE] [OPEN] {updated custom pose examples}

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I can do it i draw mine :innocent:


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Im still practicing but i do it for free you just have to credit :point_right::pleading_face::point_left:

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BUMP :sob:

Hi, I could help if you like my art :slight_smile:


Not all of these are in use, they are just examples or things I’ve entered into cover contests

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I can help you as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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I can try to help



Just dm me on insta or hear instas easier if your intrested… Yr probs not tho. :pleading_face: Thank you for your time :blob_hearts:

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