Cover requests are open!

add the following information to your request:

Colour scheme
Characters and their animations (preferably a screenshot to make it easier and quicker)
Background ideas
Their positioning
Small/large cover or both
Here are a few of the covers I’ve done


Moved to Art Resources. :wink:

Title: The Dream Factor
Author: Clarkiiie
Genre: Romanic Drama
Color Scheme: Netural Colors - Black, White, Gray…
Skin: Neutral 01
Brow: Platinum Blonde - Arched Thick Style
Hair: Platinum Blonde - Short Wavy Ombré
Eyes: Blue Aqua - Round Medium
Face Shape: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Peach Gloss - Full Heart Pouty
Outfit: Tanktopbasicshort Cotten Netrual White

Postioning: Can you have the character laying down where the girl is in the picture. And have the Title above her, and Clarkiiie below her?
(If your busy, or don’t want to do it I understand, if so ignore)
Thank Yiu! :grinning: :heart:

No worries - it should be done by tomorrow afternoon :grin::sparkling_heart:

This is the cover I made for my story - this is the style of my covers
I don’t draw or graphic design any of the characters
If you still want me to do your cover just let me know!

if it is possible to make the process quicker, could you send me a picture of your character in that position


Hi! Just wanted to ask if you could choose a different background, because the picture you chose is too wide for the entire picture to fit and if I crop it, too much of the picture gets cropped out


No, I meant the first picture you sent with the red bird on the wall :sweat_smile:

Oh Lol! Sorry :joy:

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Feel free to crop it too

I would like if u could make me a cover

Sure thing! I just need the following:
Color scheme
Characters and their positioning (as in an actual picture of how you want them to look)
Background ideas
And any other specifications

Hope this is okay! Tell me if you want me to change anything

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Nope! I love it! :smile: :heart_eyes: it’s gorgeous! Thank You So Mich!

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No problem :heart:

Hahah Sweety.

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Please don’t forget to credit me :yellow_heart:
With the name RxugeKxssedStxrs