Cover requests! (OPEN)

Hey guys! Are you look for a cover for your story? I would love to edit one for you! I’ve just started editing and I want to get some more practice. Here is an example of edits I’ve done so far:IMG_2121IMG_2063IMG_2105

If you want me to make you a cover, please do the following:

1. Follow my instagram @fleur.writess. Alternatively, if you don’t have instagram, read a few chapter of my story Bad Blood.
2. Fill in this

Cover Form

3. Give me some form of credit (this can be on instagram or your story!}

If you have any questions please comment them below!


These are amazing

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They are SO good! :scream::heart_eyes:

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These are amazing!

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Thank you! :blush:

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Thank you so much! :blush: @anj


I love it! They’re beautiful!

Hi, I’m new in episode and I need to know how how to change my cover, can anyone please help me?

You click on the top bit where your old cover is and then it’ll give you the option to change it

SOOO GOOD! :hushed: :hushed:

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You’re too kind, thank you! :grin:

These are so amazing, I filled out the form! :grin:

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Your art is amazing! You’re going to be very popular, I can tell. :wink:

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@aprill Thank you so much, it means a lot :blush:

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That’s amazing! Can you help me…I’m new😓

Of course! What do you need help with?

See I’m making a story about a girl being stalked and I need help with backgrounds, I’m using my iPhone and I don’t know how to get backgrounds on my story or fire or anything like that especially sound…:disappointed:

The things is that the sounds,ovrlays, filters etc are on THE WRITER PORTAL ON A COMPUTER but on your phone you will not have that but you can always check (joseph evans ) on youtube he make tutorials and hope it will help you :):grin:

Hi I fill the form so tell me if you need anything because I have the background and screenshot for the characters… So send me a pm if you want to do it. Thank you so much :blush:

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