Cover required please

I am in need of a cover for my new story Good Enough
The character details
Any female character due to cc
In a wedding dress
Any man character due to cc
in a suit
any man character due to cc
like a shadow behind the female

female screen left
man screen right
shadow man behind female

female - idle_argument_angry_loop
man - talk_argue_defensive
shadow man - admire_happy

small and large please



Hey sweetie, sorry I can’t do it, I’ve had tech issues recently so am behind on my current requests list as it is.
Good luck though :smiley:


Thank you for answering :heart: :smile:

Hey! I can do it.

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Hey! Great do you need any more details :heart:

I also have a art thread with some other cover creators

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cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, could you please design the characters and the position?
(If you can’t it’s fine, but it will help me and I can get it done in a few minutes)

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Yeah sure give me a couple of minutes

Cool, thanks :grin:

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- woman
- man
- shadow man

@Florpetal07 here you go :+1:

Thanks! Working on it now.

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Wait! I need you to flip the man to faces left

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@Florpetal07 is this good


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Tell me if you want to change anything
(The other guy could fit into the small cover.)

hello that is great thank you
could you add the title
and make the other man fade a bit


Can you tell me your Episode username to put as author?