Cover required please

Author - denied

Like this?

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Is it fine?

Sorry to be a pain but could you do a different for for the title @Florpetal07

Ok… which font do you want?
I use SketchPad Pro so I’ll have to find one similar, probably not exact

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something like cooper black

Could you show me a pic?

Image result for cooper black font

Thanks! BTW, you don’t have to add my username to the end of every sentence, I already get notifications every time you respond

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Oh sorry, it is because my account used to mess up and never send notifications

Oh, it’s fine just a pet peeve

Anyway here:

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I can’t change anything else right know

That is fine, the covers are great

how shall i credit

Use my Episode account (TheNewKingdom) and my forums, and if you can promote me that would be great (No need if it make you uncomfortable)

Do u have insta


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