COVER RESULTS! (1rst, 2nd, and 3rd Winners)


Hi everyone. Sorry I have been so unactive. My computer was acting funny and I had trouble with deciding. So here are the results:

!rst Winner:

There’s two because they made the large cover together!

2nd Winner:

I’m going to use the large cover!

3rd Winner:

I am going to use her small cover!

Thanks everyone that made a small/large cover. I really apreiciate it. Some of yours I really liked, but it didn’t fit. So if you want to re-make your so it would fit, I wouldn’t mind. I you don’t want to, thats fine too.

Thanks again!

-Ms. Romancce






Make sure to credit Episode diamond if you ever need anything else just pm us :grin:


Will do! :kissing_heart:


AmyAn and AMANI_EPISODEEEEE ARE BOTH PART OF EpisodeStudio and we will be more than happy to help you as well anytime you need!!

~EpisodeStudio Prez


I will keep that in mind! Thanks so much! :thinking: :kissing_heart:


Your welcome. I almost enetered… but I had a lot of request at te time so I just sat back and watched… they really were some good covers…


Yay we got two spots


I know. It was a really hard decision


Well, that was unexpected
Thank you! :heart: