My shop is on hiatus and may or may not come back. Please DO NOT REQUEST anything until it is open again (no guarantees).

Welcome to my Cover Shop! Please glance over my rules before requesting so I’m able to make your cover perfectly. Below are some of my cover examples and the template!

  1. Please use the template!
  2. Only 6 characters per cover. It takes me a long time to arrange and create them!
  3. Please request an actual background, from Episode or elsewhere. Giving me a broad idea (like ‘an alley’ or ‘a road in the mountains’) is fine.
  4. Make sure everything is to your liking before you request a cover. If it’s a mistake on my end or something I can change in my photo software (like a font change or borders) it’s totally fine.
FAQ and Tutorials

Thanks for stopping by my cover shop! I’m just a student who has a lot of free time.


1. How do you make your covers?

First, I arrange the characters in the portal. Then, I open the Episode App and open my story. After, I click “Navigation”

Next, I click “Hide debug…”

Now, tap the screen to hide the three dot (…) menu and the exit (door). Just take a screenshot and send it to yourself as an email!

To resize the picture to use as a large cover, open Canva (it’s free!) and put the dimensions 966px x 1334px into the box.

Select your picture from files:

Drag the picture over to the canvas. Make sure it’s the background!

2. What programs do you use for your covers?

I use GIMP for making the covers, Canva for resizing the pictures to cover sizes, and the Episode app for taking screenshots and arranging the characters. Look at how I make my covers above for a more in depth tutorial! :^)

3. How long will it take to make my cover?

I have a job and a life too! Due to the amounts of requests I get, it will take longer than usual for me to finish covers. It may take around 1-7 days, unless I’ve told you otherwise.

4. Do you have an Episode story?

No, I don’t! I’m writing one though, but I’d love to read your stories!

GIMP Tutorial/Video

Watch how I make a cover!
Or find my step-by-step guide on Imgur!

Romance/Drama Cover:

Fantasy Cover:

Check out more covers on my Instagram @ameliacrow.episode



Note: By receiving a cover, you agree that you will credit me. You can do that by mentioning my Instagram (@AmeliaCrow.Episode) at the start or end of the first episode in your story. Feel free to use the command below and paste it into your Episode script:

readerMessage Story cover done by @AmeliaCrow.Episode on Instagram!

Please use this template!


Story Title:
Author Name:
Story Genre (Horror, Romance, etc):
Number of Characters (in cover):
Character Style (LL, Ink):
Character Details (face shape, skin tone, etc):
Brow Shape & Color:
Hair Style & Color:
Eye Shape & Color:
Face Shape:
Nose Shape:
Lip Shape & Color:
Character Outline (Yes or No)*:
Character Animations:
Character Outfits (plus details like freckles or piercings!):
Any Special Requests? (Font style/color, props, overlays, borders, etc):

*For a character outline example, see my “Area 52” cover above!

Can’t wait to make your covers!! :smiley:


Unfortunately I don’t need a cover but I just wanted to say your examples are really nice xx.


Also maybe change the topic name to cover shop because when I was scrolling down this looked like a cover request until I took a second glance. You don’t have to but I just wanted to let you know lol.

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Oh thank you!!

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Can I PM you the details? :pleading_face:

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Of course!!


can you make me a cover for my characters like a scene?

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whats your insta so i can text u?

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okay but new friends?

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Omg these look so nice!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Please make mine if you would like :arrow_down:

Story Title: The Romanos
Author Name: Epi.sky
Story Genre (Horror, Romance, etc): Romance
Number of Characters: 2
Character Style (LL, Ink): Ink
Character Details (Male) :arrow_down:
Body: Tan
Brow Shape & Color: Thin arch black
Hair Style & Color: Long bangs & Charcoal
Eye Shape & Color: Stoic Almond & green
Face Shape: defined triangle
Nose Shape: button
Lip Shape & Color: uneven & toffee
Number of Characters (in cover): 2
Character Animations: Flirt_wink_forward
Character Outfits* (plus details like freckles or piercings!): Black beach boy linen shirt, lady rose tattoo (rose), Ripped punk pants, black hipster high top sneakers.

This is for the female character :arrow_down::
Character Style (LL, Ink): ink
Character Details (face shape, skin tone, etc):
Body: Tan
Brow Shape & Color: Defined natural
Hair Style & Color: beach wave, black
Eye Shape & Color: upturned feline, taupe
Face Shape: oval
Nose Shape: elven
Lip Shape & Color: full round, taupe
Character Animations: Primp_condescend (the end of the animation)
Character Outfits* (plus details like freckles or piercings!): black dressy crop top, hip rocker boots, white high waisted pants
Background: can you use the one you used exactly for the action cover please!!
Any Special Requests? (Font style/color, props, overlays, borders, etc): can you make the font same as your action cover one please. :blush:

Thank you so much!!

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Okay I’ll message you when I’m done !!

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Thank you so much!!

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Omg, your edits are amazing! Can I send you my information and pictures on Instagram? Loves❤️

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Sure! My insta is @ameliacrow.episode

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I really need a cover pls help

Sure! Just send me the character details and I’ll start it soon :smiley:

Your examples are absolutely beautiful!

Thank you!! :heart: :heart:

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