Cover shop open for free!

Hey y’all! I’m open to make covers for y’all to use in your stories! Just make sure you give me all information I will possibly need to be able to properly satisfy what you’re looking for :grin:
The only payment I ask is credit for my work, that’s it! I’m glad I could help some of y’all. I do LL, classic, and INK Styles!

google doc

if you can include a picture and give me good detail i can get it done faster. thanks!



do you have one you’d like me to try? all my old covers in my file were deleted, sadly, but I just thought about making some again :(, but for others and not just my friends

Hmm not now because I have mine for now but maybe next time?

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of course!

Hi can you make me an intro edit for my story it’s called The List (INK) and the character details are
Char 1 female
HAIR: high ponytail
BROWS: medium curved
SKIN: light
EYES: upturned feline/Brown
MOUTH: Full round/blush
NOSE: soft natural
FACE:soft heart
OUTFIT: whatever you want but with glasses
POSE: Eyeroll maybe

char 2 Male
HAIR: Generic short hair/black
BROWS: Thin arch
SKIN: tan
EYES: Round piercing/green
MOUTH: smirk/taupe
NOSE: button
FACE: diamond
OUTFIT: Ripped punk pants, Vneck Tshirt white , skater guy black sneakers, lady rose tattoo
POSE: Something flirty

Char 3
HAIR: Short cropped hair/black
BROWS: Medium sharp
SKIN: tan
EYES: stoic almond / green
MOUTH: uneven/taupe
NOSE: button
FACE: defined triangle
OUTFIT: ripped punk pants, black hipster high top sneakers, muscle tank green
POSE: sth flirty too

BACKGROUND: Some lockers maybe in a hallway

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of course! is the 3rd female or male?, and if possible the first character’s hair color? thanks

Hey, if I give you all the details you need could u do a cover for me it’s in LL and it’s for two characters male and female if you could thanks :slight_smile:

yes! of course! i am actually in the progress on making a request form to keep everything organized, but you can coment the information, pictures would be great, and if i need anything i’ll just ask you

would you be able to make a cover for me?

Aw thank you so much, honestly there’s no rush take your time I’m only in my first couple chapters of my story so take as long as you need :slight_smile: my story is called something new
My male character is called RAID and my female is called ROXY


Skin tone: gold 7

Brows : arched natural

Hair style : long straight loose bangs

Colour of hair : black silhouette

Eye shape: round medium

Eye colour : grey cool

Face shape : diamond

Nose shape :pointed downturned

Lips: full heart natural

Lip colour : brown gold

Tattoo right ribcage-> hearts

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Of course! I’m about to put the doc at the top so you can apply there.

here’s the link

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completed thank you so so so much and take all the time needed

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hey gabi! i was looking over the doc and it doesn’t say what hairstyle you want. can you just tell me here? thanks!

@thatoneweirdkid sure fishtail braid

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Can you make it so two character in one scene?

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as many as you need hun

3rd Male
char 1 : Fawn

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@Ramina1 i got your cover done, is it good?
and for everyone else im just trying to get some done but dont worry y’alls will be done soon :slight_smile:


I love it thank you

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