Cover (small and large) + more = help needed!

Hey guys! I recently started working on a brand new story… I was wondering if any of you art makers out there could help me make a cover (small and large) and some sound effect and warning backgrounds!

If you can help me then the details are listed down below:

Cover details

For the cover I’d like the two main characters to be standing next to each other (kind of up against one another) and the girl should be holding a gun in her hand and they should both look intimidating :joy:
The only thing for the background is that I’d like it to be kind of dark this goes for both small and large cover

Sound effects/warning details

For these backgrounds I want one of the characters on the sound effects background kind of laying on something with headphones and on the warning background I’d like the other character standing and you can do whatever pose you think is perfect.

It would really mean a lot to me if you could help and you don’t have to great at art or anything!
I will, of course, give credit to everyone who helps on my instagram and in the story!

If you wanna help - let me know on here or DM me on instagram (@frozenfire.episode) so I can send pictures and other details on the characters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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You can check those shops out:

Art & Edit Shop 🎨✨.
🎨 Shades Art Shop 🎨 (FREE) {Open}.
Drama_club25's Art Shop! (OPEN!).
🍯 Honeybee's art shop 🍯.


thank you!

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Are u looking for free or commissioned covers?

Hello @Claire_McDare you could also check out this Art Shop if you’re looking for a free Art Shop!

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What are the character details. I can do you the sound and warning backgrounds and try the cover. It will probably be done within 3-5 hours for them all but I will need more details.

Preferably free :sweat_smile:

As I remember Episode doesn’t approve covers with guns.

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