Cover (small and large)

Hi guys!! :relaxed:
I was wondering if any artist out there would be able to help me out (preferably for free :sweat_smile:)
I would love if you could make a small and large cover for my current story Mafia Prince

If you’re wanna to help me - here are some details:

  • Preferably art.

  • Has to include two characters :grin:

  • No need to put a title or anything on it - but do put your IG or name on it, if you’d like :star_struck:

  • For more information - do not hesitate to dm me on IG (@keegan_episode) or comment down below :heart:

It would mean the world to me, if any of you would help me!! I will, of course, credit you in the story AND on my IG :crossed_fingers::heart:


Hi I could do a edited cover if you want
Cause even i searched for free drawn cover artists and didn’t find many
If you want you can PM me :smiley::relaxed:


If you ever look for edited works. You can stop by my edits examples catalog


Shoulder 10$
Waist 15$
Knee 20$
Full 25$
(50% of the Price for extra characters)