Cover & Special Art Scenes (CLOSED)

So I just started doing digital art & i’m having so much fun with it, that i thought, I can make art for other people.
I’f you like my art, just send me a request on Instagram: @epy.larax

here are examples


I love your art! can i request something? if your open

yes you can! just send me your details on her or on Instagram: @epy.larax

Okay i already sent you a message :smiley:

i dont have an instagram, am i allowed to send you details here? I can also leave my email if you need to send it to me

Can you do one for me? If you’re available?

yes just dm me here!

send me the details here or on instagram: @epy.larax

really? I didn’t get one :confused:

I sent it to you. Just now.

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My username should be @itzhalley122 I’m sure i messaged you

If you have the time, i would love if you could do one for me :pray::hearts:

Ok! I dm’d you!

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dm me here or on Instagram:)

I have send you a meesage on Istagram :slight_smile:

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Can I get a cover

I did this for you already, please use it because I have spent time making it for you.

You too? She requested from me as well.

Yep… I wasted my time, I feel less motivated now…

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