Cover Story help - my mind is on vacation

Sounds silly (to be nice), but I have hundreds of images on my mind, but can’t make any of it.
I need a large cover and a small cover to my story, but can’t finish any of my ideas.
I make on my work weekly dozens of different images, but now …i just can’t think for me.:sweat:


Are you looking for someone to create your cover…or for someone to give you ideas as to what your cover should look like?

I can help!

I need someone to create some.
So, if someone can save me, I’ll be grateful.

@Episode.Harmony is amazing when it comes to drawing covers

@Epy.raven @L.I.W.F

Fallen Angel is the name of the story…

Open to any ideas.

For charater… if want to use it…

Skin color: Olive
Brows: Defined Natural
Hair… any type only color black
Eyes: Green - Round Classic
Face type: Soft Heart
Nose: Refined
Lips: Classic - any colour

Clothes :thinking:…no naked :yum:

I can help

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SO just everything else is fine?

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I’m with NattyGomez and would love to do one of the covers

I can’t pick someone specifically, because I don’t know your work.
But considering that @NattyGomez was first who offered to help… if you can do it, I’ll be grateful.

Let your imagination fly.


@NattyGomez if you would like me to help I would love to. Dream team.


If you search up Episode.Harmony and click on their thread all of their examples will show up:)
Just trying to help :relaxed:

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If natty doesn’t respond, can I do it? Because I’m really bored.

Thanks @Aerial_author for suggestions.


If you want I can pm you and we can discuss ideas??

@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE be my guest.

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sure, i’m kinda stuck rn

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