Cover wanted for my story!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to know if any cover artist would be happy to make me a cover? Hopefully my request is not too much. Anyhow, anything would be great. Cost-wise, I am okay with anything from $0 to $10/15. Thanks!

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Hi love!
My commissions are currently open and I’d love to work with you.
You can find the prize and examples in my shop:

Hey there! :slight_smile: my commissions are open and they’re from €10/€15! If you’re interested or have any questions contact me through instagram @esapphirewrites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here are some examples of my artwork:

Hey there so if you are still looking for an artist my commission are open
If you want we can discuss the price at what you are comfortable with
Anyway some of my examples are

if you want to see more of my arts mu insta is @2eerina

hey, my commissions are open! here are some of my examples, let me know if you’re interested! :heart: