Covers and Overlays made like, REALLY FAST here! (OFFLINE)



I can make you a cover in 1-2 days, and an overlay in 15 - 20 minutes. (more if I’m not online) And hey guys, you might not want to message me because you don’t know if I make them well or not, since no one has asked me yet, but if one of you doesn’t become the first one how are you supposed to know what I can do?


Hello @ioanna! This is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forum! Take a look at our Forum Tutorial for some helpful advice on where to correctly create topics. I’ve moved this topic from Community to Creator’s Corner Art Resources since it’s about covers and overlays. :wink:

Thanks for reading and have a good day! :sunglasses:


okay, thanks.


also, um, if I want to create a topic that users can advertise their story and I can advirtise mine, and do R4R, Should it be Community? creators corner? where?


@ioanna That would be under Community Promote Your Story! :wink: Thanks for asking! :sunglasses:


okay, thanks for answering so fast!