Covers and splash shop for stories (open)


Hello everyone, welcome to em :heart:episode’s cover and splash shop. I will read all the stories I make a cover or splash for. Depending on what you order, it will be done by the maximum of a week. You can order here or email me at:

Cover requirements:
~send me screenshots of your characters, and what positions you what them in (if you want them in the cover)
~send me the background and all the add ons (for example: I would like my character sitting on a park bench with birds tweeting and a blue sky)
~Send me the author(s) of the story so I can include them
~send me the genre of the story (romance, mystery, drama, etc.)
~don’t forget to credit em :hearts:episode

Splash requirements:
~send me what you want it to say and the genre of the story
~If you want a character on it, send me screenshots of that character
~don’t forget to credit em :hearts:episode

Cover Examples


Splash Examples

Have a nice day :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Artist(s) NEEDED!
Special scene art/ Cover art maker
I Need Cover Art!
Could someone possibly make some cover art for me?
Cover art need!
WANTED: Artist?
Promote your new story here!
Cover & Background Art Needed!

~Send me the type of background, or the background:

~ALL the text:
~all the pictures or add ons: rainbow_PNG5571heart_PNG702
~mood of story: Happy, funny, drama, comedy, paranormal, fantasy
~name of story: Daddy, and me
~episode profile name of author(s): Treasure M.D. Jackson
~And… your email:


hi @Trying_To_Help i can’t load any of your images, please upload them in a different format and they will be done in a week or so


Check your email you should see something with a name like “Photos for the cover I want” In there or is a zip right click and click unzip and you should have them, amdnthe pngs, too.


@Trying_To_Help When I click on them it shows me this could you try to upload them in a different format, thanks


If you want I can use my own hearts and rainbows, then I could get it down quicker. If you want me to use yours, please use a different format.

Need of a cover

Hi @Trying_To_Help I’ve made your cover. I’ve also sent you an email with it. Thanks for using my shop. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO EM❤️EPISODE FOR THE COVER.


I like it!


Hey, I like it, but would you mind going to your email and using the stuff
I sent you for the cover? Thank you and I’m sorry if I’m bothering you


I didn’t get the email do you mind sending it again?




Um, never mind i got it to work.


So do you like the cover or do you want me to remake it?


I like it! I’m waiting for it to get approved!


Do you want me to make you a medium sized cover as well?


Nah, I’m good.


Need it.


oh okay, since I have school this week I can make it for you by Sunday max


Hey! :):smile:


This is just a reminder, i asked you cor a small cover? Em?


Yes it’s finished, I can upload it right now